Lush Bomb Adhesive

Lush Bomb Adhesive

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Our Lush Bomb Adhesive is our fastest drying adhesive at .05-1 seconds. Works with both classic and volume. If you are looking for a fast drying glue or are you are an advanced lash artist this adhesive is for you!! low fumes, medium viscosity and killer retention and latex free


This adhesive works best in 30-60 humidity range and 69-77 degree temps.

-.05 second drying 

-medium viscosity

-black in color 

-30-60 humidity range

-69-77 degree temps

-6-7 week retention



keep in an air tight container while not in use. keep inside in a cool place.


ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMIMA, Carbon black



this adhesive is for professional use only!

shake for one min before each use.